Day and Night People at the Unattended Carnival

In Maine in the summer, there’s a carnival or country fair pretty much every weekend. Blank fields sprout tents like mushrooms. Rides land like flying saucers overnight.

Even in daylight, there’s something creepy about an unattended carnival.

The rides seem to be drowsing, like big cats, ready to spring to life at any moment. You get the sense that a misplaced step, a magic word, will set the whole thing in motion.

You are almost certainly being watched. The carnies go about their work quietly, but you can see them moving among the machines. At least, you hope it’s them.

On the Carousel, Lucinda found a horse that was just her size. I tried not to imagine the giant rooster coming to life. It would be angry after all those years running in circles for children.

In darkness, the carnival takes on a new life. But it’s an artificial one, called into motion by calliope music and blinking lights. It will die when they do.

The games and the rides all call to you, saying isn’t this jolly, isn’t this fun. Don’t worry, everything is fine. No need to think. You can stay here as long as you like. Stay forever. We don’t mind.

But perhaps the strangest thing about an unattended carnival, is the people you may meet there.


Rhode Island

What I Never Thought to See

A look through painted eyes

I’m a traveler. I’ve been across the country and around the world. But traveling with Lucinda is a whole new experience.

Usually as a tourist I’m on the lookout for the pretty and amusing, the interesting and inspiring.

I never thought to look for the bizarre and the oddly beautiful, the strange and the spooky until I found Lucinda.

Now I see it everywhere.

It was always there – ignored, waiting to be seen. Kind of like Lucinda really.

Take for example my stroll through West Warwick, Rhode Island last week. I might have focused only on the setting sun or been disgusted by the seemingly endless collection of mini-bottles discarded along the sidewalks.

But with Lucinda, I noticed this old house with it’s overgrown lawn.


And because my eyes were open I also spotted this neglected cemetery with houses all around it:


And that discovery led us down a road we might not have taken. There we found another cemetery that was much bigger and better cared for.


Where, with the markers of the dead all around her, Lucinda posed for one of my favorite pictures:


While you’re out traveling the world, keep your eyes open. And remember, to keep an eye on Lucinda.

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